he main business area of our company is the production of metal image products:
badges, name badges, souvenir coins, medals, emblems for cars, cloakroom tokens, key rings, metal certificates and diplomas, signs plates. We can make customized orders for prizes, awards, exclusive gifts of metal in combination with wood, stone, and glass.


e produce all the items at our own production facility, so
“producer’s prices” is not an empty phrase. The closed production cycle allows us to perform orders as quickly as possible, and you, our dear customers, can avoid surprises and misunderstandings in dealing with intermediaries. The City of Masters TM has been on the market since 2001.


e guarantee quality due to the application of advanced technologies, precise manufacture of auxiliaries, and the use of high-quality domestic and imported materials. If necessary, the products may be packed in wood, plastic or velour cases, or other types of packaging.


e are confident that our products will be a spectacular addition to your image. They can perfectly emphasize business and corporate identity of your employees during meetings and presentations.

With kind regards
Igor Malenko